Oakland County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp (ARPSC)

            W8OAK Repeaters – 146.900 MHz/100pl & 444.325 MHz/107.2pl

                        Weekly 2 meter net 8 pm every Thursday

                        Hospital Radio Net – 7:30 pm last Thursday of Month

            Packet 144.950 MHz/1200 baud, connects made with Oakxxx or

                        Callsign-# to OAKBBS (W8OAK-3) with nodes at

                        OAKNOD (N8NM-1 Pontiac – most coverage),

                        OAKEOC (W8OAK-7 at EOC) or K8DTX-7 (White Lake)

            APRS – 144.390 MHz

            Web Site: http://www.arpsc.com



Meeting Minutes for 2 January 2013


            On 2 January 2013 at 7 pm, Jim Richards - AB8JR, Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the Oakland County ARPSC, called the meeting to order in the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The order of business included:


(I). Report from Mike Loper, Homeland Security Division – Oakland County:


            Oakland County workshops and classes will be coming up with seating available for 1 or 2 ARPSC members.   One such session will be on the same day as the April 2013 siren test.    To all ARPSC members, make sure that you complete IS-22, 100, 200, 700, and 800 classes, which help prepare and qualify one for emergency activation.   In response to a member’s question, Mike stated RACES cards are issued by the county. 


(II). Report from Randy Love – WF5X, District Two EC.


            Work continues on inter-county credentialing so members can assist in counties beyond Oakland.    Emergency power for key repeaters is becoming a point of worry.  


(III).Report from the Emergency Coordinator (EC), Jim Richards - AB8JR:


            On 13 December 2012, Steve sent an email to members notifying them about the new forthcoming 2013 Oakland County ARPSC membership ID card.  Members were asked to reply to his email if they were still active in order to get the card.   Cards were then sent out and an estimate of active members was made.


            Query: One member warned that many ID lanyards aren’t “breakaways” for one’s safety.     Jim will check to see where free or low cost break-away lanyards might be available.


            Our W8OAK antenna is back up on the water tower.   The new voter and controller have not been installed by the county.   This old equipment has become unreliable and some users find they can not make transmissions.   Concern exists that the W8OAK repeater could be a problem during a genuine emergency.   One member said he could hear the repeater at 8 Mile and Farmington Road, but could not get in.   Another member found a similar problem in Troy. 


            Further meetings and discussions have taken place on the “390 Program” where certain communities with their own emergency operations can purchase amateur radio equipment with grant money.  This includes Bloomfield Township, Farmington Hills and Birmingham.  As to how many radios, three are now recommended including Yaesu duo-bands.  Some amateurs may opt to work with these communities rather than with the county.   Jim now believes this can work well for everyone.               


            In response to a question, our annual dinner meeting has not yet been scheduled.


(IV). Presentation – FEMA Update – Operations and Capabilities by Joel Goldberg – W8HIU:


            After Joel Goldberg retired from being EC at the Oakland County ARPSC, he contracted FEMA in Denver for possible assignments.  His Montana home base is part of the Denver FEMA.   When FEMA responded favorably, and after taking further FEMA courses, he was ready.  


            FEMA learned much from Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans disaster and is now much better prepared.   FEMA works with states to assist emergencies and supplements state operations.  It does not take over local or state duties.  Keep in mind that major emergencies begin at the local and county level.  If bad enough, they request help from the state and finally to the President of the United States.  FEMA can’t deploy until there is a presidential declaration.  Recently, legislation changed this so that FEMA can prepare for deployment standby.  


            Joel’s first deployment involved flooding in Bismarck and Minot, North Dakota.  Here, he took part in disaster emergency communications where FEMA set up all kinds of communications, provided land mobile radios, multi-radio vehicles, emergency operation vehicles, set-up repeaters, added antennas, etc.  This was all part of the FEMA “MERS” (Mobile Emergency Response Support) fleet.   Included were two repeaters set up in Bismarck, 100 software driven handhelds (value $5000 each) brought in for local use, housing for FEMA employees, and an air boat for search and rescue.  Food, clothing, housing and police protection were joint efforts by local, state, FEMA, and organizations such as Salvation Army and Red Cross.   Removal and clearing of destroyed houses were a part of the services.  Joel stated that he was very comfortable with the FEMA response.


            A month ago, Joel was called to Pasadena, California to assist a FEMA secondary processing center covering the Hurricane Sandy disaster on the east coast.  FEMA deployed 8100 personnel to assist in this emergency, including search and rescue.   The Pasadena field office processed claims with 2 shifts, 7 days a week.   Photos of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction were shown to members.  These photos were from Joel’s son, an independent claim’s adjuster.   


Joel Goldberg is 81 years of age!  


(V.) Presentation on 30 November and 1 December 2012 Skywarn Recognition Day Contest from Pete Gladysz – K8PGJ: 


            Our ARPSC team made 497 contacts and worked all the states.   Our standing with other contesters is not yet known.     During this event, Rich Luterman - Fox 2 News interviewed Ted Davis – N8ZSA about ham radio communications for the National Weather Service.  This was shown on television on 21 December 2012 and can still be seen by going to myfoxdetroit.com and entering “ham radio.”  Rich Luterman’s article/news cast was titled “Ham Radio Operators Play Crucial Role During Weather Emergencies.”  Members were shown this video.    


(VI). AEC-Management Team Reports:


            (1). Report from Pete Gladysz – K8PGJ, Operations


Sno Drift Rally will be held January 25-26, 2012 at Atlanta, Montmorency County, Michigan.  Ham radio volunteers are still needed and one can contact Pete Gladysz – K8PGJ at radio@sno-drift.org.  In about two weeks, Pete will be in the Cayman Islands and will be contesting.   


            (2). Report from Fred Czubak – WE8P, Administration


            During the year of 2012, Oakland County ARPSC activities covered 100 events and had a total of 4368 man-hours.  If credited at $18.50/hour, this would amount to $80,808.  In comparison with 2011, there were 113 events with more Skywarn hours. Number of amateur radio participants in the 2012 Brooksie Way Run was 11 and in 2011 was 20.  


            (3). Report from Mike Vander Veer – KD8ATK, Net Operations:


            New volunteers are needed for net operations.  Every Thursday night at 8:00 pm, there is a W8OAK Net on 146.900MHz/100pl.    When the repeater is not working, join the net on the Clarkston at 146.840MHz/100pl.   Net control schedule for January has been issued.    Jim Richards – AB8JR mentioned that there is a joint SET (Stimulated Test Exercise) coming up in March with Wayne County.  This will involve setting up a subnet in the field.   One purpose of this SET is to stretch our resources to its limits to see what we can and cannot do.    


            (4). Report from Lloyd Suter – N2NGQ, Training/VE Testing:


            The following classes will be held (no reservations needed):


IS-22 on 9 January 2013 at 2 pm at the ARPSC location

IS-100 on 16 January 2013 at 2 pm at the ARPSC location

IS-200 on 23 January 2012 at 2pm at the ARPSC location

IS-700 on 30 January 2012 at 2pm at the ARPSC location

IS-800 on 5 February 2012 at 11am at the ARPSC location


            These classes will be designed for our ARPSC members.  Understanding the incident command system is very important.  Classes will focus on terminology, how the organization runs, where we fit, what the structure is, and how everything fits together.  For instance, take the term “JFO.”  It is the “Joint Field Office” established temporarily to provide a central point for Federal, State, and Local response.  These classes help with such terminology. 


 (VII). Specialty Officer/Coordinator Reports:


             (1). Report from Ron Miotke – WD8MNX, Membership:


            The new website is closer to being up and running.


            (2). Report from Mark Schurig – KC8WPS, Hospital Communication Teams:


            Ten hospitals checked in during the December 2012 Hospital Net.   Providence – Novi has become a problem in that no one seems to be available.  Several other hospital teams are down to 1 or 2 volunteers.  Volunteers are needed.  A member reports that Henry Ford – West Bloomfield Hospital radio was found badly messed up, despite being locked up.


            (3). Report from Maurice Davidson – K8SJD, National Weather Service Liaison:


            Oakland County temperatures for 2012 averaged 4 degrees warmer than previous years.   Be warned that our inland lakes now have a thin layer of ice which is dangerous.


Respectfully submitted,

James R. Murphy, N8SML

Secretary, Oakland County, ARPSC 3 January 2013

Minutes corrected and approved by Jim Richards AB8JR, EC