Oakland County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp (ARPSC)

W8OAK Repeaters – 146.900 MHz/100pl & 444.325 MHz/107.2pl

Weekly 2 meter net 8 pm every Thursday

Hospital Radio Net – 7:30 pm last Thursday of Month

Packet 144.950 MHz/1200 baud, connects made with Oakxxx or

Callsign-# to OAKBBS (W8OAK-3) with nodes at

OAKNOD (N8NM-1 Pontiac – most coverage),

OAKEOC (W8OAK-7 at EOC) or K8DTX-7 (White Lake)

APRS – 144.390 MHz

Web Site: http://www.arpsc.com

Meeting Minutes for 7 March 2012

             On 7 March 2012 at 6:30 pm, Jim Richards - AB8JR, Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the Oakland County ARPSC, called the Membership Meeting to order in the Oakland County Executive Office Building.  The order of business included:

 (I). Report from Steve Iannucci, Homeland Security Division – Oakland County:

             Steve, on behalf of Oakland County Homeland Division, thanked the ARPSC members for their continued assistance.  Recent months have been quiet, but spring is coming and everything could quickly change.   Homeland Security has already had their first test this year.  Should any up-coming exercises require the ARPSC, Steve will notify Jim Richards, AB8JR.

 (II).Report from the Emergency Coordinator (EC), Jim Richards - AB8JR:

             Our next Wednesday, 4 April 2012 meeting will have a membership report from Ron Miotke – WD8MNX.  Lloyd Suter – N2NGQ who heads Training will announce his plans which include on-site classes.  Joel Goldberg - W8HIU has volunteered to assist with training.   

             Saturday, 21 April 2012 will be the Michigan QSO Party, sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club, from noon until midnight our local time.  Our group will attempt to improve upon last year’s 999 QSOs (communications).    Under consideration is contesting from a different location in the county which would help our emergency training.

             Our normal 2 May 2012 meeting is cancelled.  In its place will a scheduled Skywarn Class from 7 to 9 pm in the Oakland County Executive Office Building. 

             A newly designed home page is planned for our website.   Gary Bouwkamp – N8HMP, our webmaster for years, has been asking someone else to take over.  If interested, please let Jim Richards – AB8JR know.

             Our new specialty officer for sirens is Ted Davis – N8ZSA.    Brad Maney – KD8QPF now heads the Northeast Quadrant Siren Subnet.  The first siren test for this year took place last Saturday, 3 March 2012.  Forty six sirens were covered.  The next siren test will NOT be 4 April 2012, but will be on Wednesday, 18 April 2012 at 1 pm.   Please note the change.  National Weather Service – White Lake lists the following calendar for Michigan: 15 – 21 April 2012 is Severe Weather Awareness Week and 18 April 2012 is Tornado Drill.  

 (III). Presentation – Lt. Mark Martinez, Michigan State Police, Region 2 North Homeland Security Coordinator

             Lt. Mark Martinez has been with the Michigan State Police for more than 27 years; his first 8 years as a road trooper, then with their Crime Lab.  He received his degree from Michigan State in Criminal Justice.  Lt. Martinez is now a coordinator between Michigan State Police and Region 2 North which includes Oakland County Homeland Security.   In brief, the following was included (this secretary is responsible for errors or misinterpretations):

             Michigan Emergency Management Act – Act 390 of 1976 - provides planning, mitigation, response and recovery from natural and human-made disasters within and outside this state.  It creates powers and duties and defines who is in charge, beginning with the governor who is responsible for coping with disaster or emergency related dangers.   A definition is given for a State Emergency Management Coordinator and his duties.  It defines how a disaster or an emergency within a county or municipality beyond its control may request State help from the governor.   

             Region Two North consists of Oakland – Macomb – St Clair Counties.  It is a rich resource to call upon for Hazmat and other teams during emergencies.  Above Bay City, such resources are scarce.   In a number of situations, one county’s resources may be needed to assist others.   

 From a RACES handout: The Michigan State RACES officer is John McDonough – WB8RCR.  During a state activation, the State RACES officer is present in the State EOC along with other RACES personnel.  He is responsible for coordinating RACES responses in the State.  RACES at various levels may become involved in assisting multiple jurisdictions and agencies. 

RACES recommended training for responders includes completion of ICS 100, 200, 300, 700, 800 courses.    Notice ICS 300 training.  ICS-300 is used for persons serving as command staff, section chiefs, strike team leaders, task force leader, and others.    It covers ICS staffing and organization, transfer of command, functions, resource management, and interagency mission planning and procurement.  ISC-300 course materials are State-administered programs and not available through the internet.   Those completing these courses can register in the MI-Train website at https://mi.train.org/.  

State level RACES is working to (1) develop mission ready packages for emergency deployment, (2) improve local radio communication infrastructure through grants and other money, (3) coordinate all local volunteer resources into a state level NIMS database so they can be available for statewide activation, (4) encourage volunteers to be trained to a certain level so that they can be ready for statewide deployment emergencies.  “Right now a RACES volunteer from Oakland County may not be accepted at an emergency in Mackinac County as the local emergency management officials do not know them,” and (5) add expertise from other specialties to improve radio communications.   Plans for state-to-state coordination include a developing organization called Global Resource Emergency Coalition.  They would use HF nets. 

The RACES handout also mentions “HSMM-Mesh,” which is currently under development.  It is a high speed amateur radio computer network and system which can run for days from a fully charged car battery or other power sources.  One hope for HSMM-MESH is to improve emergency communications for organizations such as RACES. 

            After the presentation, Jim Richards –AB8JR mentioned that volunteers going to another county may encounter difficulties due to varying training requirements.  At the present time Oakland County only requires one class for RACES card certification while the State recommends a total of five classes.  This pressures us to raise our requirements.   Randy Love –WF5X mentioned that we aren’t the only amateur radio group assisting emergency communications.  There are several Red Cross groups and at least one Salvation Army group in the state who have similar resources to serve their own needs.  Whoever signs up for these will find them their primary call to service.    Query: In an emergency situation where gasoline is in short supply, can a qualified in-service volunteer gain access to a government source?   Answer: No.   However, do notify your EOC.  Sometimes, they can find a way to assist your transportation problem.

(IV). Report from Randy Love – WF5X, District Two EC.  

            There will be a District Two Coordinators Meeting in the middle of March to work on various programs.   Beware that this coming spring could be a most active season for SkyWarn activations.

(V). AEC-Management Team Reports:

            (1). Report from Jim Richards – W8JJR, SkyWarn and Mike Vander Veer – KD8ATK, Net Operations:

            Volunteer net controls for Skywarn and Thursday night nets are needed.

            (2). Report from Lloyd Suter – N2NGQ, Training/VE Testing:

            At a future meeting, we need to review what our volunteers need to do protect their families and themselves in the event of a major emergency or disaster is called.   

 (VI). Specialty Officer/Coordinator Reports:

            (1). Report from Ted Davis – N8ZSA, Sirens:

             A volunteer is needed to run the Northwest Siren Subnet.  If interested please contact Ted at n8zsa@zero.net.  Several new sirens were checked last month, but still needed is RSE-04 in Rose Township.  The last siren test was held on a very windy day, causing a few power outages.  All the sirens went off, and one member reported that RSE-05 successfully used emergency power.     

            (2). Report from Mark Schurig – KC8WPS, Hospital Communication Teams:    

                        Mark was not available during the last Hospital Net and requested a report of its results.   There are a number of new members, and he asks them to help cover a hospital radio.   If interested, please contact him.   

             (3). Report from Maurice Davidson – K8SJD, National Weather Service (NWS) Liaison:

             So far, this has been the 6th warmest winter on record.   There will be NWS meeting on Saturday, 17 March 2012, which Morrie will attend for more information.        



Respectfully submitted,

James R. Murphy, N8SML

Secretary, Oakland County, ARPSC

8 March 2012

Minutes corrected and approved by Jim Richards – AB8JR, EC