Oakland County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp (ARPSC)
            W8OAK Repeaters – 146.900 MHz/100pl & 444.325 MHz/107.2pl
Weekly 2 meter net 8 pm every Thursday
Hospital Radio Net – 7:30 pm last Thursday of Month
Packet 144.950 MHz/1200 baud, connects made with Oakxxx or
Callsign-# to OAKBBS (W8OAK-3) with nodes at
OAKNOD (N8NM-1 Pontiac – most coverage),
OAKEOC (W8OAK-7 at EOC) or K8DTX-7 (White Lake)
APRS (Automatic Position Reporting Service) – 144.390 MHz
Web Site: http://www.arpsc.com

Meeting Minutes for 3 August 2011

            On 3 August 2011 at 7 pm, Jim Richards - AB8JR, Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the Oakland County ARPSC, called the meeting to order in the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The order of business included:

(I). Report from Steve Iannucci, Homeland Security Division – Oakland County:

             The latest newsletter by Oakland County Homeland Security has an article about our Oakland County ARPSC and how it can help with communications.  This newsletter is sent to various county departments.

On Saturday, 13 August 2011, Walter P. Chrysler Museum will sponsor a “Safe Families Expo” from 10 am to 2 pm.    With the assistance of Oakland Community College’s CREST (Combined Regional Emergency Services Training Program), the goal of this Expo is help families improve their handling of various emergencies.   The Expo will have a wide range of police, fire, and health-related demonstrations and displays; i.e., including Oakland County Emergency Preparedness, First Aid Demos, CPR/First Aid, fire extinguisher demos, gas explosion demos, fuel pump safety, tornado/disaster response, health screening info, new and vintage ambulance displays.

The next siren test will be held Saturday, 6 August 2011 at 1 pm.

 (II).Report from the Emergency Coordinator (EC), Jim Richards - AB8JR:

         Berkley CruiseFest Parade is Friday evening 19 August 2011 and runs between 6-9 pm.  Volunteers should meet at the Berkley City Safety (Fire Hall) at 5 pm for briefing, sign-up, and food.  Woodward Dream Cruise is Saturday 20 August 2011 with volunteers meeting at the same location prior to their assignment.   Pete Gladysz – K8PGJ will be in charge and net control will be run from the Berkley Safety.   To volunteer, Pete’s email is pgladysz@aol.com.  

Brooksie Way Half Marathon and 5K Race/Walk will be held Sunday, 2 October 2011.    Randy Love –WF5X states that plans will be discussed in a September meeting.

            The Berkley Parade of Cars, Woodward Dream Cruise, and Brooksie Way are public event activations.  Our mission and objectives mean we represent both Oakland County and the ARPSC.   Our dress and conduct must be professional at all times.  We are additional eyes and ears for public safety, but we are not public safety officers.  Our job is to report any circumstances which may endanger public safety.  Do not get directly involved in a situation unless there is no alternative and do not speculate or assume a fact that you have not witnessed.  Do maintain a low profile.  We are there to observe and not be observed.  Select a vantage point which will allow for the greatest possible field of view without getting into anyone’s way.  For instance, if you are at a corner, do not place yourself in the middle of pedestrian traffic flow.  Step back to a perimeter position. 

            How we act and how we appear have a direct impact on the public’s perception with each municipality we assist.  If we are viewed reliable and well trained, we may be invited back or invited to assist other events and functions.

            Jim also reported that he and Steve Iannucci have been working to eliminate the 2 meter repeater problems. Steve has requested Steve Murphy of County radio to review the existing equipment to determine what needs to be replaced. Steve Iannucci is working on funding in order to secure the equipment specified.

         Donations were collected honoring John Fleming – K8UP, silent key.  These will be sent to the ARRL.

 (III). AEC-Management Team Reports:

 (1). Report from Pete Gladysz – K8PGJ, Administration

(A). FSD-212 is a monthly form sent to the state ARPSC and National ARRL.  This summarizes in man-hours how much our county ARPSC has volunteered with nets, meetings, public service events, administrative sessions, and various work activities.   Using these man hours, cost savings to the government are estimated.  This information is used to support our worth to government agencies and hopefully put us in better position for grant money.    Of our 270 members, 155 have actively participated this year.  The following is our summary for the first seven months – January to July 2011:

Total volunteer hours  – 2556

Total events, nets, sessions – 60

Estimated saving costs - $47,305

(B). The Woodward Dream Cruise needs more volunteers, especially for the Saturday afternoon shift.  Pete showed members an area map of where volunteers would be placed.   Approximately one week before the event, an information packet will be sent to volunteers.   Duties are to watch, observe, and report problems.  Because of the financial crunch, fewer police officers will be available and our assistance could prove helpful. 

Query: Do volunteers report beforehand to the control center at Berkley Safety (Fire Station)?   Answer: Yes.

Query: Will parking passes be issued?  Answer: Yes.

Query: Can we use police rest stops?  Answer: Not yet known.

Query: Can we use chairs?  Answer: Yes          

Similar to last year, there are plans for ARPS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) to transmit positions and messages with net control.   Jim Richards – AB8JR reported last year’s APRS was most impressive to visitors.

The following frequencies will be used: (1) 146.46(no pl) simplex and (2) possibly (2) Phil Ross’ – WB8NXP 440 repeater at 442.500/107.2pl.     Phil’s antenna is up 200 feet in the I-696 and Lasher Road area.    Hams with dual band equipment are encouraged to check the 440 frequency.  Randy Love – WF5X notes certain areas in the Dream Cruise are weak into net control, despite the 2 meter transmitter being 65 feet in the air.   Problems are in the extreme north and south ends, and in in the Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital location.  Cross band repeat could be useful.    Relaying hard-to-hear transmissions to net control is encouraged.   This 440 repeater may help.  

(2). Report from (AEC) Randy Love – WF5X, Operations:

The 440 repeater is working again.  The problem turned out to be a blown fuse which was replaced when Steve Murphy reviewed the 2 meter equipment for replacement. 

            (3). Report from Jim Richards – W8JJR, SkyWarn

             Skywarn has been activated twice since the last meeting.

             (4). Report from (AEC) Michael Smith – N8GUZ, Training/VE Testing:

             Two new EmComm Training Courses are available from the ARRL. 

 (1). Introduction to Emergency Communication – EC-001:  Required before taking this course is (a) FEMA IS 100 – Introduction to Incident Command System and (b) IS 700 – National Incident Management System.   EC-001 provides basic knowledge and tools for emergency communication volunteers.   It has six sections with 20 lesson topics, and assigns a mentor.   The course must be completed in 9 weeks with a 35 question exam. Cost is $50 for ARRL members and $85 for non-members.       

 (2). Public Service and Emergency Communication Management for Radio Amateur -
EC-016:  This is a leadership and managerial course in public service and emergency communications for licensed ham operators.     Included is how radio amateurs organize and prepare to support local community events, coordinate work with governmental and other emergency response organizations, and how best to deploy such communication services.   This self-study is available from the ARRL website for ARRL members.

             ARES now includes thirteen FEMA Training Courses, with certain ones required for ARES membership: (1) IS-100b – Introduction to Incident Command System, (2) IS-200b – Single Incidents and Initial Action Incidents, (3) IS-700 – NIMS: An Introduction, (4) IS-800 – National Response Framework, (5) IS-240 – Leadership & Influence, (6) IS-241 – Decision Making & Problem Solving, (7) IS-250 – Emergency Support Function, (8) IS-1 – Emergency Manager, An Orientation to the Position, (9) IS-288 – Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency Management, (10) IS-244 – Developing and Managing Volunteers, (11) Introduction to Exercises, (12) IS-130 – Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning, and (13) IS-139 Exercise Design. 

             These FEMA courses form the foundation for a certified trained corps of ARES volunteers to serve their communities during disaster situations.   Several of these courses will be considered for future classes with our ARPSC.

  (IV). Specialty Officer/Coordinator Reports:

             (1). Report from Mike Nebel – N3BEL, Sirens:

             Saturday, 6 August 2011 is our next siren net, with subnets starting at 12:30 noon.  Check our website to see which sirens still need first time coverage for this year.  Because several citizens called in to complain that their nearby siren didn’t go off, these will be added to our list.   Marsha Fleming – N8FE added that she will take over the SE subnet and already has people to cover the remaining first-time sirens and one school ground.    Marsha added that even if a siren goes off, it may not be fully working.   Both the NE and Clarkston subnets need additional help.  

             (2). Report from Paul Hatfield – KE8UD, Hospital Communication Teams:

             So far hospital net participation is 89% with 66 hams making 144 check-ins.   Huron Valley – Sinai reported a broken or loose antenna, and building maintenance already stated they will repair it.   Last Monday, a thunderstorm flooded communication cables in the basement at Pontiac POH.  Dial “9” calls to the outside and some incoming calls failed.  Paul went over the hospital to stand by if needed and EOC was notified.  In the meantime, the hospital managed the problem with 30 cell/mobile phones until phone service was restored.  

                  (3). Report from Maurice Davidson, K8SJD, National Weather Service Liaison:

             July had the hottest average temperature on record, with minimum highest daily temperature not less than 80 degrees.  

 (VI). New and Other Items of Interest:

             (1). Free Press Marathon is Sunday, 16 October 2011 and needs volunteers.   Contact is Kevin – KD8GVM.    Go to Detroit Free Press Marathon website to sign up, but be sure to put your ham call letters in the comment box so that Kevin knows you are a licensed ham.   

             (2). A National Traffic System (NTS) class on message handling will take place Saturday, 6 August 2011 at the Southfield EOC starting 8:30 am (morning).   Sean Fleming – K8KHZ will be the instructor. 

 Respectfully submitted,

James R. Murphy, N8SML, Secretary, Oakland County, ARPSC

4 August 2011

Minutes corrected and approved by Jim Richards – AB8JR, EC. 21 August 2011