Oakland County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp (ARPSC)
W8OAK Repeaters – 146.900 MHz/100pl & 444.325 MHz/107.2pl
Weekly 2 meter net 8 pm every Thursday
Hospital Radio Net – 7:30 pm last Thursday of Month
Packet 144.950 MHz/1200 baud, connects made with Oakxxx or
Callsign-# to OAKBBS (W8OAK-3) with nodes at
OAKNOD (N8NM-1 Pontiac – most coverage),
OAKEOC (W8OAK-7 at EOC) or K8DTX-7 (White Lake)
APRS – 144.390 MHz
Web Site: http://www.arpsc.com

Meeting Minutes for 3 November 2010

On 3 November 2010 at 7 pm, Jim Richards - AB8JR, Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the Oakland County ARPSC, called the meeting to order in the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The order of business included:

(I). Report from Steve Iannucci, Homeland Security Division – Oakland County:

Oakland County Homeland Security has been involved with the Yemen and Europe threat when 3 explosive devices were found. Increased surveillance was added to our airport and the Jewish Center. Explosive packages can go anywhere at anytime. Our security partly depends on communicating our own awareness that something may not be right.

(II). Report from the Emergency Coordinator (EC), Jim Richards - AB8JR:

Last Saturday, 30 October 2010, the National Weather Service (NWS) had their fall meeting. Morrie Davidson – K8SJD, NWS Liaison will discuss this later in this meeting.

Our current Oakland County ARPSC identification card expires at the end of this year. A new card is being worked on with several proposed changes needing county approval.

Our last siren test for the year takes place Saturday, 6 November 2010 and will be discussed later by Larry Hornsby – KB8POD. Our biggest turnout for a single siren test was about 57 and hope more will come out and help.

Discussions continue on an alert or emergency notification system for our ARPSC members. The county has a new system which alerts county employees by phone, etc. This system requires an annual license fee of about $6000 per year for employees of the county. Hopes are to procure several licenses for our AEC’s. Jim is working on a similar concept to contact our membership.

Lloyd Suter – N2NGQ has become more active with Veterans Administration and has asked to step down from his AEC Administration position. Peter Gladysz – K8PGJ consented to take this position.

(III). Presentation – "Amateur Radio HF Digital at the Oakland County EOC" by Murray Scott – KE8UM.

Briefly: The HF digital equipment at the EOC uses two PK-232 multimode Time Wave Technology machines which are upgraded with digital signal pressing (DSP) filters. These PK-232 machines connect to a HF transceiver. The DSP filters can dig deep for weak signals. There is a choice of digital modes, including RTTY-Baudot, RTTY-ASCH, various PSK, Pactor, Morse, Fax-HF, AMTOR, SITOR, NAVTEX, TDM, and all the new sound card modes. Packet speed is 300 bps for HF and 1200 bps for VHF. A modem switch exists to use other programs such as Digipan, WinLink 2000, and Olivia. The latter is hidden in the noise level. RTTY derives from teletype days. Special frequencies are dedicated for each or multiple modes and can be found by searching the internet.

The most common digital mode is RTTY which is used for contesting. RTTY uses Baudot coding with a binary "mark" and "space." PSK is used for messaging and some contesting and is an improvement on weak signals performance over RTTY. Whatever you do, don’t overdrive the transmission as it will splatter everywhere. Adjust the mic gain until the ALS begins to operate.

Olivia MFSK is useful for long distance communications under noise conditions where other modes fail. WinLink 2000 is another global HF digital mode and provides services including email plug-in, telnet, ftp, and APRS. People with boats and living overseas can use this. Whereas emails require an internet connection, WinLink 2000 doesn’t by using the airwaves. Pactor and Pactor II is a proven dependable secure and reliable mode. Some internet sources are:






(IV). AEC-Management Team Reports:

(1). Report from (AEC) Randy Love – WF5X, Chief of Operations:

   VHF repeater is now fixed. Recent problems were traced to a TNC - computer mismatch in EOC backroom equipment. The UHF machine is working fine, although it identifies too frequently at about every five minutes.

    ARRL November Sweepstakes takes place (1) 6-7 November 2010 for CW and (2) 20-21 November for SSB.

(2) Report from Peter Gladysz– K8PGJ, Administration:

    Peter has been conferring about duties with Jim Richards – AB8JR. He asks the membership to recommend ideas and thoughts to improve this position.

(3). Report from (AEC) Michael Smith – N8GUZ, Training:

   This month is November Preparedness Month, whereby everyone should be checking their winter supplies in their car. Included for consideration are blankets, boots, shovels, window scrapers, etc.

(V). Specialty Officer/Coordinator Reports:

(1). Report from Larry Hornsby – KB8POD for Mike Nebel – N3BEL, Sirens:

   Mike is on vacation this week and Larry Hornsby – KB8POD will report. As of last month, all of the county sirens have been covered. However, there are two new sirens; 1 - White Lake and 2 - the other in the northeast quadrant. Mike Smith – N8GUZ will cover siren operations in the EOC and Larry Hornsby – KB8POD the Clarkston subnet. The net will start at 12:30 pm on Saturday 6 November 2010 with the test at 1:00 pm. Holly, Milford, and Groveland may activate their sirens earlier or later. Subnet frequencies are Clarkston – 146.840/100pl; Dart – 146.640/100pl; USECA – 147.180/100pl; and W8OAK – 146.900/100pl.

(2). Report from (AEC) Mike VanderVeer– KD8ATK, Net Manager:

   Our net continues every Thursday night at 8 pm on 146.900/100hz which is different than the Hospital Net. Mike is requesting members interested in becoming net control operators contact him at kd8atk@wowway.com. He will help them with their training.

(3). Report from Paul Hatfield – KE8UD, Hospital Communication Teams:

    October 2010 Hospital Net had 100% participation. The November net would normally fall on Thanksgiving, 25 November 2010, but is now scheduled a week earlier for Thursday night 18 November 2010 at 7:30 pm. Do note that the regular weekly W8OAK net will continue to be held on Thanksgiving night. Should any net have difficulty using W8OAK, Paul reminds everyone that alternate repeaters could be used, such as the Clarkston on 146.480/100pl or DART on 146.640/100pl.

    On Friday, 9 November 2010, Region II North will be holding a meeting at Crittenton Hospital. Paul and several other members will attend.

(4). Report from Jim Poehlman – K8ABZ, Membership:

   Jim reports that a newer version of the membership application and renewal will be coming out possibly next month. This should make the form easier to use. Those people who haven’t returned a renewal form are now considered inactive members.

(5). Report from Maurice Davidson – K8SJD, News from National Weather Service:

   On 30 October 2010, there will be a MICON service meeting. National Weather Service is predicting that El Nino will affect our weather this winter. Above average temperatures are expected for the next 3-4 weeks. Then there will be above average snow from February through April 2011.

(VI). Other Items of Interest:

    (1). Skywarn Recognition Day – 2010 will be held at the EOC from 7 pm Friday, 3 December 2010 to 7 pm Saturday, 4 December 2010. Upon a show of hands, nine members indicated they would be interested in assisting. Additional volunteers are most welcome and can contact Jim at ab8jr@arrl.net.

    (2). June 2010 Field Day results: Oakland County ARPSC was 9th in the Nation for the 2F category.

    (3). Sno Drift Rally is 28-29 January 2011 in Atlanta, Michigan. These are racing cars on ice and snow over 300 miles of closed roads. Website info is at http://www.sno-drift.org. Race needs amateur radio volunteers to assist with communications.

    (4). Hazel Park is sponsoring Tech and General Class exams for (1) Tuesday, 7 December 2010 in Oak Park at 7pm and (2) Tuesday, 14 December 2010 at the Southfield EOC at 7 pm. Both are open to the public. For more information, contact Marsha – N8FE or John Fleming – K8UP at john@fleming_photo.com.

    (5). International Reply Coupons (IRC): Gary Sklar – K8IKW states these can be purchased from U.S. Postal Service with their USPS order department at 1-800-782-6724 and ask for item #330-800. Each costs $2.10 with a $1.00 charge for the total order. The IRCs can be redeemed for international postage for a reply to sender, i.e. QSO confirmations. Some, but not all, local post offices may have this service and it is reported IPC’s can be purchased online.

    (6). 5 December 2010 – L’Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club Swap/Hampfest has details at http://www.n8lc.org.


Respectfully submitted,

James R. Murphy, N8SML

Secretary, Oakland County, ARPSC

4 November 2010

Corrected and approved by Jim Richards-AB8JR, EC