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Packet at the EOC

The EOC may be contacted by packet (1200 baud) on 144.95 as follows:

Direct Connection
W8OAK-3 (alias OAKBBS) Bulletin Board System W8OAK-7 (alias OAKEOC) KA-Node

Indirect Connection
If you are unable to connect directly to the EOC packet system, you can try connecting via an intermediate Node (a preferable alternative to digipeating).

      1. From the East side of the county, connect to N8NM-3 (alias OAKNOD, Troy) or From the West side of the county, connect to K8DTX-7 (NWS White lake)

      2. After the Node prompt, connect to the EOC ("C OAKBBS" or "C OAKEOC").

If it's your first time connecting to the BBS, you may be prompted for your Name, City, ZIP and "home BBS". Since mail forwarding is not supported at this time, please enter W8OAK as your home BBS.

For more information about the BBS, use the "?" (Help) command. A user's guide for the BBS can be found at www.F6FBB.org. Please feel free to Send/Receive messages and generally experiment with the BBS.

For making your access (directly or indirectly) to the EOC BBS as easy as using email, check out "Outpost Packet Message Manager" at www.outpostpm.org.

NOTE: Use of the Outpost Send/Receive Automation feature is encouraged for learning/testing, but please DO NOT leave this feature enabled on your system . Also, the OAKNOD system is host to a DX Packet Cluster, so the use of beacons and non-EOC traffic should be kept to a minimum.

For more information about operating packet radio, please visit www.tapr.org.

For questions/concerns about the EOC packet system, please contact:

Bob N8LPS n8lps@arrl.net



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