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Sirens that have been not been checked in 2020

Siren No Subnet
Addison Twp
ADD-01 Northeast Subnet
ADD-02 Northeast Subnet
ADD-03 Northeast Subnet
ADD-04 Northeast Subnet
ADD-05 Northeast Subnet
ADD-06 Northeast Subnet
ADD-07 Northeast Subnet
ADD-08 Northeast Subnet
ADD-M1 Northeast Subnet
Auburn Hills
ABH-01 Northeast Subnet
ABH-02 Northeast Subnet
ABH-03 Northeast Subnet
ABH-04 Northeast Subnet
ABH-05 Northeast Subnet
ABH-06 Northeast Subnet
BRK-01 Southeast Subnet
Beverly Hills
BHV-01 Southeast Subnet
BHV-02 Southeast Subnet
BRM-01 Southeast Subnet
BRM-02 Southeast Subnet
BRM-03 Southeast Subnet
Bloomfield Hills
BFH-01 Southeast Subnet
Bloomfield Twp
BFT-01 Southeast Subnet
BFT-02 Southeast Subnet
BFT-03 Southeast Subnet
BFT-04 Southeast Subnet
BFT-05 Southeast Subnet
BFT-06 Southeast Subnet
BFT-07 Southeast Subnet
BFT-08 Southeast Subnet
Brandon Twp
BND-01 Northwest Subnet
BND-02 Northwest Subnet
BND-03 Northwest Subnet
BND-04 Northwest Subnet
BND-05 Northwest Subnet
BND-06 Northwest Subnet
BND-07 Northwest Subnet
BND-08 Northwest Subnet
BND-09 Northwest Subnet
BND-10 Northwest Subnet
BND-11 Northwest Subnet
BND-12 Northwest Subnet
BND-M1 Northwest Subnet
BND-M2 Northwest Subnet
CLW-01 Southeast Subnet
Commerce Twp
COM-01 Southwest Subnet
COM-02 Southwest Subnet
COM-03 Southwest Subnet
COM-04 Southwest Subnet
COM-05 Southwest Subnet
COM-06 Southwest Subnet
FRM-01 Southeast Subnet
FRM-02 Southeast Subnet
Farmington Hills
FMH-01 Southeast Subnet
FMH-02 Southeast Subnet
FMH-03 Southeast Subnet
FMH-04 Southeast Subnet
FMH-05 Southeast Subnet
FMH-06 Southeast Subnet
FMH-07 Southeast Subnet
FMH-08 Southeast Subnet
FMH-09 Southeast Subnet
FRN-01 Southeast Subnet
FRN-02 Southeast Subnet
Franklin Village
FKV-01 Southeast Subnet
FKV-02 Southeast Subnet
Groveland Twp
GRV-01 Northwest Subnet
GRV-02 Northwest Subnet
GRV-03 Northwest Subnet
GRV-04 Northwest Subnet
GRV-05 Northwest Subnet
GRV-06 Northwest Subnet
GRV-07 Northwest Subnet
GRV-08 Northwest Subnet
GRV-09 Northwest Subnet
Hazel Park
HZP-01 Southeast Subnet
Highland Twp
HGT-01 Northwest Subnet
HGT-02 Northwest Subnet
HGT-03 Northwest Subnet
HGT-04 Northwest Subnet
HGT-05 Northwest Subnet
HGT-06 Northwest Subnet
HGT-07 Northwest Subnet
HGT-08 Northwest Subnet
HGT-09 Northwest Subnet
HGT-10 Northwest Subnet
Holly Twp
HYT-01 Northwest Subnet
HYT-02 Northwest Subnet
HYT-03 Northwest Subnet
HYT-04 Northwest Subnet
HYT-05 Northwest Subnet
HYT-06 Northwest Subnet
HYT-07 Northwest Subnet
HYT-08 Northwest Subnet
HYT-09 Northwest Subnet
Holly Village
HYV-01 Northwest Subnet
HYV-02 Northwest Subnet
Huntington Woods
HTW-01 Southeast Subnet
Independence Twp
IPT-01 Northwest Subnet
IPT-02 Northwest Subnet
IPT-03 Northwest Subnet
IPT-04 Northwest Subnet
IPT-05 Northwest Subnet
IPT-06 Northwest Subnet
IPT-07 Northwest Subnet
IPT-08 Northwest Subnet
IPT-09 Northwest Subnet
IPT-10 Northwest Subnet
Keego Harbor
KGH-01 Northwest Subnet
Lake Orion Village
LOV-01 Northeast Subnet
Lyon Twp
LYT-01 Southwest Subnet
LYT-02 Southwest Subnet
LYT-03 Southwest Subnet
LYT-04 Southwest Subnet
LYT-05 Southwest Subnet
LYT-06 Southwest Subnet
LYT-07 Southwest Subnet
LYT-08 Southwest Subnet
Madison Heights
MDH-01 Southeast Subnet
MDH-02 Southeast Subnet
MDH-03 Southeast Subnet
Milford Twp
MFT-01 Southwest Subnet
MFT-02 Southwest Subnet
MFT-03 Southwest Subnet
MFT-04 Southwest Subnet
MFT-05 Southwest Subnet
MFT-06 Southwest Subnet
MFT-07 Southwest Subnet
MFT-08 Southwest Subnet
Milford Village
MFV-01 Southwest Subnet
Novi Twp
NVI-01 Southwest Subnet
NVI-02 Southwest Subnet
NVI-03 Southwest Subnet
NVI-04 Southwest Subnet
NVI-05 Southwest Subnet
NVI-06 Southwest Subnet
NVI-07 Southwest Subnet
NVI-08 Southwest Subnet
NVI-09 Southwest Subnet
NVI-10 Southwest Subnet
NVI-11 Southwest Subnet
NVI-12 Southwest Subnet
NVI-13 Southwest Subnet
Oak Park
OPK-01 Southeast Subnet
OPK-02 Southeast Subnet
OPK-03 Southeast Subnet
Oakland Community College
OCC-HL Northwest Subnet
OCC-OR Southeast Subnet
Oakland County
OC-01 Northeast Subnet
Oakland Twp
OAK-01 Northeast Subnet
OAK-02 Northeast Subnet
OAK-03 Northeast Subnet
OAK-04 Northeast Subnet
OAK-05 Northeast Subnet
OAK-06 Northeast Subnet
OAK-07 Northeast Subnet
OAK-08 Northeast Subnet
OAK-09 Northeast Subnet
OAK-10 Northeast Subnet
Oakland University
OU-01 Northeast Subnet
Orchard Lake
ORC-01 Southeast Subnet
Orion Twp
ORT-01 Northeast Subnet
ORT-02 Northeast Subnet
ORT-03 Northeast Subnet
ORT-04 Northeast Subnet
ORT-05 Northeast Subnet
ORT-06 Northeast Subnet
ORT-07 Northeast Subnet
ORT-08 Northeast Subnet
ORT-09 Northeast Subnet
ORT-10 Northeast Subnet
Oxford Twp
OXT-01 Northeast Subnet
OXT-02 Northeast Subnet
OXT-03 Northeast Subnet
OXT-04 Northeast Subnet
OXT-05 Northeast Subnet
OXT-06 Northeast Subnet
OXT-07 Northeast Subnet
OXT-08 Northeast Subnet
PTC-01 Northeast Subnet
PTC-02 Northeast Subnet
PTC-03 Northeast Subnet
PTC-04 Northeast Subnet
PTC-05 Northeast Subnet
RCR-01 Northeast Subnet
RCR-02 Northeast Subnet
RCR-03 Northeast Subnet
Rochester Hills
RCH-01 Northeast Subnet
RCH-02 Northeast Subnet
RCH-03 Northeast Subnet
RCH-04 Northeast Subnet
RCH-05 Northeast Subnet
RCH-06 Northeast Subnet
RCH-07 Northeast Subnet
RCH-08 Northeast Subnet
RCH-09 Northeast Subnet
RCH-10 Northeast Subnet
RCH-11 Northeast Subnet
RCH-12 Northeast Subnet
Rose Twp
RSE-01 Northwest Subnet
RSE-02 Northwest Subnet
RSE-03 Northwest Subnet
RSE-04 Northwest Subnet
RSE-05 Northwest Subnet
RSE-06 Northwest Subnet
Royal Oak
RYK-01 Southeast Subnet
RYK-02 Southeast Subnet
RYK-03 Southeast Subnet
RYK-04 Southeast Subnet
Royal Oak Twp
RYT-01 Southeast Subnet
South Lyon
SLY-01 Southwest Subnet
SLY-02 Southwest Subnet
SLY-03 Southwest Subnet
SFD-01 Southeast Subnet
SFD-02 Southeast Subnet
SFD-03 Southeast Subnet
SFD-04 Southeast Subnet
SFD-05 Southeast Subnet
SFD-06 Southeast Subnet
SFD-07 Southeast Subnet
Springfield Twp
SPF-01 Northwest Subnet
SPF-02 Northwest Subnet
SPF-03 Northwest Subnet
SPF-04 Northwest Subnet
SPF-05 Northwest Subnet
SPF-06 Northwest Subnet
SPF-07 Northwest Subnet
SPF-08 Northwest Subnet
SPF-09 Northwest Subnet
TRY-01 Southeast Subnet
TRY-02 Southeast Subnet
TRY-03 Southeast Subnet
TRY-04 Southeast Subnet
TRY-05 Southeast Subnet
TRY-06 Southeast Subnet
TRY-07 Southeast Subnet
TRY-08 Southeast Subnet
TRY-09 Southeast Subnet
TRY-10 Southeast Subnet
TRY-11 Southeast Subnet
TRY-12 Southeast Subnet
TRY-13 Southeast Subnet
Walled Lake
WLK-01 Southwest Subnet
Waterford Twp
WFT-01 Northwest Subnet
WFT-02 Northwest Subnet
WFT-03 Northwest Subnet
WFT-04 Northwest Subnet
WFT-05 Northwest Subnet
WFT-06 Northwest Subnet
WFT-07 Northwest Subnet
West Bloomfield Twp
WBT-01 Southeast Subnet
WBT-02 Southeast Subnet
WBT-03 Southeast Subnet
WBT-04 Southeast Subnet
WBT-05 Southeast Subnet
WBT-06 Southeast Subnet
WBT-07 Southeast Subnet
WBT-08 Southeast Subnet
WBT-09 Southeast Subnet
WBT-10 Southeast Subnet
WBT-11 Southeast Subnet
White Lake Twp
WLT-01 Northwest Subnet
WLT-02 Northwest Subnet
WLT-03 Northwest Subnet
WLT-04 Northwest Subnet
WLT-05 Northwest Subnet
WLT-06 Northwest Subnet
WLT-07 Northwest Subnet
WLT-M1 Northwest Subnet
WXM-01 Southwest Subnet
WXM-02 Southwest Subnet
WXM-03 Southwest Subnet
WXM-04 Southwest Subnet
WXM-05 Southwest Subnet
Wolverine Lake
WLV-01 Southwest Subnet